Patty Farmer at a South Hampton book signing with Eloise.

Patty Farmer at the East Hampton Library Authors Night with Eloise.


Patty Farmer, entertainment historian, is acknowledged as the leading expert on all things pertaining to music, entertainment—and the entertainers—of Playboy—as well as most other fabulous entertainment venues of the world. She’s also a businesswoman and former model, and has followed the entertainment industry as an insider, as well as an avid fan and archivist all her life. Her work draws upon a lifetime of friendship and socializing among personalities and celebrities around the world. In her previous book, The Persian Room Presents, she transported readers back to the halcyon days of New York City nightlife.


What a lucky girl I am, getting to hang at the Mansion with Hef and award winning writer Will Friedwald

What a lucky girl I am, getting to hang at the Mansion with Hef and award winning writer Will Friedwald



Patty Farmer – Author of – The Persian Room Presents


Ever since Patty Farmer was a little girl, she dreamed of living at the Plaza—just like Eloise of storybook fame. Decades later, she realized that dream when she moved into an apartment on the eighth floor of the famed hotel and became more passionate than ever about immersing herself in its history.

She soon discovered that one of the most magical places within the Plaza now exists only in memory: the nightclub known as the Persian Room. For more than forty years, from 1934 to 1975, the Persian Room was the place to be in New York City. An unparalleled array of performers graced its stage—everyone from the incomparable Hildegarde and Kay Thompson to Julie Wilson, Andy Williams, Lainie Kazan, and Michelle Lee. And, though more than three decades have passed since the final ovation, there are many from both sides of the footlights who remember this extravagant nightclub with great fondness.

To create this unique and memorable oral history, Farmer traveled far and wide to meet the Persian Room’s most popular stars and collect their precious memories. Over the course of five years, these idols of the past and present opened their homes and hearts to her, relishing the opportunity to share cherished moments from their long careers. Many contributed photos and memorabilia from their personal collections as well, making The Persian Room Presents… a vivid journey through the club’s elegant history.

Among the many stars who generously gave their time are Andy Williams, Marge Champion, Polly Bergen, Diahann Carroll, Connie Stevens, Lesley Gore, Patti Page, Carol Lawrence, Michelle Lee, Lainie Kazan, Julie Wilson, Tony Butala, Tony Sandler, Celeste Holm, Kaye Ballard, Jack Jones, and Roslyn Kind. Don Dellair shared funny and touching tales of both Hildegarde and Liberace. Hilary Knight—the legendary illustrator who brought Eloise to life spoke wistfully of Kay Thompson and Lisa Kirk. Each offered his or her own perspective on the club, but they all agreed on one thing: There was no place on earth like the Persian Room and there never will be.

Today, when not enjoying New York, the most fabulous city in the world, Patty Farmer, along with her constant companions Sabrina and Marina, can be found visiting their other special places: California, Texas, and France.