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Back with New Books Network to discuss Starring the Plaza – Pt. II


Joel W. Tscherne, Host of New Books in Film talks with Author Patty Farmer about her latest book, Starring the Plaza: Hollywood, Broadway and High Society Visit the Worlds Favorite Hotel.

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The Virtual Memories Show – Episode 230 – Author Patty Farmer

The Virtual Memories Show - with Guest Author Patty Farmer


How did Patty Farmer go from businesswoman to historian of the Playboy empire? “I don’t do well when I’m bored,” she tells me, as we talk about her new book/oral history, Playboy Laughs: The Comedy, Comedians, and Cartoons of Playboy. We get into the cultural impact of Playboy (the clubs, resorts and jazz festivals, not just the magazine), my own history with same, the process of becoming friends with one’s interviewees, gaining access to Hugh Hefner’s immense archives, combining comedians and cartoonists into a single volume, the amazing work Hef did as a cartoon editor, how she swung from business deals to entertainment history, and more! Go buy Playboy Laughs!

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Word Balloon’s John Siuntres interviews Author Patty Farmer

Word Balloon with John Siuntres

Word Balloon with John Siuntres

Author Patty Farmer is back with a new book chronicling the history of Playboy. Her new book Playboy Laughs collects interviews and stories of the Playboy Clubs role in the evolution of stand up…  John Siuntres talks again with author Patty Farmer about her newest book, Playboy Laughs: The Comedy, Comedians, and Cartoons of Playboy.
WORDBALLOON features one on one interviews with the writers and artists behind today’s pop culture favorites. The creative minds behind today’s hottest comics, films, and Television , tell behind the scene stories providing a DVD like commentary on their works, without spoiling the stories. Hosted by Chicago Radio Host John Siuntres, Wordballoon covers the pop culture entertainment scene , like no other podcast.

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Playboy Laughs: An Interview with Patty Farmer – Canned Air



Playboy Laughs invites readers onto the sets of the organization’s groundbreaking TV shows, Playboy Penthouse and Playboy After Dark. These popular variety series brought top-tier comedians, impressionists, and monologists―as well as the finest musicians ―into people’s homes each week.

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In the late 1950s and through the 1960s and afterwards, the circuit of the Playboy Clubs and Resorts were among the most coveted places for the great stand up comedians of the day to play. Tonight on Inquiry, we talk with writer and entertainment historian, PATTY FARMER about what life was like for comedians playing that circuit. These includes luminaries like Lenny Bruce, Larry Storch, Joan Rivers, Professor Irwin Corey, Dick Gregory and Phyllis Dillar. Farmer’s entertaining book is PLAYBOY LAUGHS: THE COMEDY, COMEDIANS, AND CARTOONS OF PLAYBOY.

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New Books Network




Take a listen to Dr. Rebekah Buchanan from New Books Network, New Books in Popular Culture Co-Host talk with Author Patty Farmer about Playboy Laughs: The Comedy, Comedians, and Cartoons of Playboy.


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Downtown with Rich Kimball



Author Patty Farmer visited Downtown to discuss her new book, “Playboy Laughs:  The Comedy, Comedians, and Cartoons of Playboy”.


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Super Talk 1570



Super Talk AM1570 Flint Michigan host Michael J. Thorp talks with author Patty Farmer about her latest book, Playboy Swings.


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Oxford Club Radio logo


In this week’s episode, Marc discusses the $2 trillion sell-off caused by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union – aka the dreaded “Brexit.” Was the market’s reaction a sign of more trouble to come? Or was it actually a bullish signal? Believe it or not, there is lots of evidence to support the latter…

Also, Marc talks with author Patty Farmer about her new book, Playboy Swings: How Hugh Hefner and Playboy Changed the Face of Music.

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Hanging Out With Paula Abdul

Professional Dancer Society's Annual Gypsy Awards Luncheon - Arrivals

I had a chance to visit with lovely and gifted Paula Abdul, at the Professional Dancers Society Awards Luncheon, (try saying that fast!), where she was this year’s award recipient.

The Gypsy Award luncheon is always a show you never want to see end, and this year was exceptional.  Many stories were shared about Paula’s early years, and I enjoyed them all, but found one especially inspirational. The story about how she earned a spot cheerleading for the LA Lakers NBA basketball team—the famed Lakers Girls.  Just 18 years old, a few girlfriends and Paula heard about auditions for the team and decided to try out.  Paula luckily had the foresight to pack three changes of clothes.

Eliminated from the initial round, she quickly swapped her outfit for another, put her hair in a pony tail, registered under her middle name, and undertook another attempt.  Once again, she wasn’t selected, but still motivated, she once more put on another change of clothes, put down her sisters name, changed her hair style, and gave it her all.  When all was said and done, Paula had secured one of the coveted spots on the team from an original pool of 700 candidates.  A year later she was the head choreographer. Just six months after that, she was hired by the Jackson 5, as the assistant dance director for their Victory Tour.

Paula has enjoyed numerous awards, achievements and accolades but I get great pleasure in learning about her determination and perseverance. That’s what makes her a special star!

I can’t sign off without mentioning that the astonishing Dick Van Dyke was also in attendance, and bestowed with The Professional Dancers Society Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s hard to believe this vibrant hoofer is 90 years old!

Professional Dancer Society's Annual Gypsy Awards Luncheon - Arrivals