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Playboy Swings Press Event at the Plaza



CBS2 News – Los Angeles – Morning Show

Rick Garcia, Patty, Sharon Tay on CBS Morning Show

Rick Garcia, Patty, Sharon Tay on CBS Morning Show














KJAZZ interview with Author Patty Farmer

KJAZZ 88.1 Cal State University, Long Beach

KJAZZ 88.1
Cal State University, Long Beach


KJAZZ 88.1 California State University, Long Beach host Nick Tyler interviews Author Patty Farmer about her newest book, Playboy Swings.


Listen to the interview by clicking here.



RTVI, with Oleg Frish



Fox 32 Chicago



Radio interview on WBGO with Ang Santos



WBGO’s Ang Santos spoke to Patty Farmer about her new novel Playboy Swings.

Patty Farmer is acknowledged as the leading expert on all things pertaining to music, entertainment—and the entertainers—of Playboy.

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Nita Ketner – New Orleans WWOZ 90.7FM Blog

New Orleans WWOZ 90.7FM

New Orleans WWOZ 90.7FM

“Interviewing a host of musicians, magazine and club personnel, and former Bunnies, Patty Farmer, the author of new book Playboy Swings!: How Hugh Hefner and Playboy Changed The Face of Music, pieces together a fascinating tale of daring innovation that also led to a trailblazing TV show, a popular music festival, and a chain of high-end nightclubs, all of which served to push Hef’s first true love – jazz – further into the mainstream.”


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Don’s American Songbook




On October 25, 2015, I had the great pleasure to spend a couple of hours talking music with the wonderful Don Romano of Don’s American Songbook.  We spent some time talking about Playboy Swings and playing some music.  Here is the link to the show:



What a treat visiting with Nick Digilio and talking about Playboy Swings.  Thank you Nick for taking an interest.


Take a listen to WGN’s Nick Digilio interview me about Playboy Swings through my YouTube channel by clicking here.



The Jake Feinberg Show – The Patty Farmer Interview

The Jeff Seinberg Show

The Jeff Seinberg Show


My first guest today has written the definitive book on Hugh Hefner and The Playboy Clubs’ impact on music and social justice. The book is entitled “Playboy Swings” and it hits shelves this coming week. Patty Farmer welcome to the JFS.

To listen to the show, click here.