Tea Under the Palms

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Published by: Beaufort Books
Release Date: April 11, 2023
Pages: 160
ISBN13: 978-0825309991

“Tea, and afternoon tea in particular, is a small pleasure but an unparalleled one,” declares author and culture maven Patty Farmer.


In this beautiful book, Patty—whose mother introduced her to the ritual of afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court when she was just seven years old—offers us the last word on the subject, including:

The fascinating history of tea, dating back to its origins in China several centuries BC.
• Its many varieties and their nuances.
• The most effective preparations and techniques for producing the very best cup.
• Ideal edible accompaniments to a proper tea service.
• The rituals, traditions, and etiquette of taking tea.
• A survey of the finest tea rooms on the planet.
• Mouth-watering recipes for the tempting sweets and savories that complete a perfect service.

Featuring commentary by a host of experts and dozens of fun facts and entertaining anecdotes, Tea Under the Palms is meant to be savored and revisited—like the ritual it so joyously celebrates.


"We don’t always find ourselves seated on a plush banquette in a landmark New York hotel or tearoom, do we? If you’re like me, when I’m not giving a concert or touring, I often drink most of my tea at home in a bathrobe (or a bath!), dreaming of those wonderful places with their tiered serving trays, gracious wait staff, and delicious sweets and savories. Patty’s lovely book is the perfect companion to that home-brewed cup of tea and those daydreams about beautiful places. Within it are an entertaining history of tea and its customs, a practical guide to the essential tearooms of the world, and a wide array of eye-opening facts about everyone’s favorite beverage.

Oh yes, and there are tempting easy-to-follow recipes. In fact, this little book presents a dilemma. It is beautiful enough to make the perfect housewarming or holiday gift but valuable enough that you’ll want to keep it for yourself. Here’s an idea: buy one just for you, for the next time you feel like sipping and daydreaming."
Michele Lee, Singer, Stage, and Film star

"Tea under the palms? Yes, please! Who would turn down an opportunity to sit in the fabled Palm Court of the Plaza Hotel (or its equivalent anywhere in the world) and enjoy a traditional tea service with all the delightful accompaniments? It is the kind of experience that seems to make time stand still and a pleasure I try to indulge in whenever I'm in New York or any other world-class city. Meeting a few friends for tea is genuinely one of my favorite ways to celebrate a special occasion or just sit back, sip, and gossip.

The Plaza Hotel holds many precious memories for me but please don't make me pick a favorite tearoom, as each of the beautiful establishments I have visited in my travels is very special in its own right. Instead, let my friend Patty be your guide to the very best of them—and then feel free to find some on your own."
—Lainie Kazan, Singer, Stage, and Film star