Afternoon Tea

So, you think Afternoon Tea is a cute ritual in which your mum and aunts partake. It’s a fun deviation but really isn’t relevant to you and your friends.

I say au contraire, the custom of afternoon tea, is becoming increasingly popular among millennials and younger demographics. The tastes, trends, and preferences of younger generations have sifted, and the afternoon tea experience is now an increasingly popular pastime. This is due primarily to the influence of social media, along with the growing trend of health consciousness, the variety of choices available, the desire for experiences, the nostalgia associated with it, and the potential to mark special occasions, in addition to the everyday.

One young exec I spoke with told me her practice in handling problematic office situations is taking the employee in question out for tea. In this background, rather than lunch, both sides can cool down and have meaningful discussions.

Why do you think this delightful custom is expanding….?

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